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Gremgoyles was inspired by the 1984 horror film called Gremlins and a Saturday morning cartoon called Gargoyles. The artist that came up this idea of bringing these 2 creatures together his name is King Pinky. One day Pinky decided he would try to draw an animated cartoon character of his own daughter, which then resulted in a baby Gremgoyle. So yes, the very first Gremgoyle ever made was him drawing his own daughter.

The Gremgoyles is a hand drawn 1/1 collection of 333 NFT'S on the Ethereum blockchain. The 3 mint prices range from 0.03-0.07 based rarities.

You can evolve your Gremgoyles by giving them potions which you can mint for a reasonable mint price of 0.02 ETH. There's 3 stages of evolution starting from Gremgoyles to Teenagers, Beasts and from Beasts to the last form the Elders. The original Gremgoyle form is unisex. So after you've minted your Gremgoyle, you really won't know what sex they are until you evolve them. Which may result in the community wanting to hold on to there NFT'S.

A comic strip will be released to give our nfts a good back story, which will be place in a comic channel on our discord. In the meantime our communities have been coming up with there own ideas about what there castles have in them, until the comic strip is released. The discord itself is broken up into 3 separate chat rooms. Each private chat is named castle 1,2,3 to give our communities a home to belong to and to build personable relationships with each other. There are contests on the discord which keeps everyone engaged weekly.

Gremgoyles believe in equal opportunity and for this reason there is no whitelist. When our mint goes LIVE anyone and everyone has the same opportunity to mint 1 Gremgoyle per castle. The community also has the right to mint from all 3 castles. Each castle has 111 NFT'S in them. The rarest castle is castle 1 because it has 100 Legendary out of 111 NFT'S in it.

This NFT project is pretty straight forward, build a community that wants to grow with you. We do everything in stages just like our Gremgoyles evolutions.



king pinky

alberto castronovo

king pinky


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golden king

jumani parker

golden king

co founder/marketing manager

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king icarus

dominic riolo

king icarus

co founder/art director

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  • - Grow A GremGoyles Community
  • - Choose A Castle
  • - Open Discord & Website
  • - Comic Strip
  • - Mint First Generation GremGoyle
  • - Reveal GremGoyle 1 Week After Mint Date
  • - Release Growth / Serum For 2nd Evolution GremGoyle Based on 1st NFT You Minted


  • - Sell Out 333 Gremgoyles
  • - OG Holders Get Free Mint for V2
  • - OG Holders Get into Raffle
  • - All Inclusive Paid Vacation for 2
  • - Each Mint Grants You 1 Entry into Raffle
  • - If You Evolve Your Gremgoyles to Last Evolution Your Raffle Ticket Will Be 10X Effective.

phase I faqs

  • what is your mint price?
  • (castle 1 - 0.07 eth) (castle 2 - 0.03 eth) (castle 3 - 0.05 eth)
  • what is the utility?
  • evolve Gremgoyle, comic book, merch and more!
  • mint date??
  • november 4th, 2022
  • what network will GremGoyles be on?
  • ethereum network
  • how to get gg free mint?
  • join discord, be engaged with the community and the gremgoyles will notice you.
  • how do i get a giveaway?
  • -follow instructions for giveaways on discord and twitter, challenges and games and more!

phase II faqs

  • What is Mint Date ?
  • March 11, 2023
  • Whose Sponsoring You?
  • Will there be a Gremgoyle Funko Pop?
  • Yes, Gremgoyle Funko Pop is expected to hit the shelves on September 2023
  • What is Your Mint Price?
  • (Mystery Box - 0.15 Eth ) (Castle 4 - 0.04 ETH )
  • What kind of advantages
  • will Phase I GG Holders get in Phase II?
  • - Gremgoyle Holders get to Mint one day earlier 3/10/23 with a 12 hour window.
  • - 20x raffle ticket for paid vacation, once they get to the last evolution ''The Elder''.
  • What are the Utilities?
  • Evolve Your Gremgoyle, Be a voice actor for our animated cartoon series, Merch Discounts and More
  • funko pop

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